10 Ways to Bond & Connect with your Tarot Cards

Its very important to create a connection and bond with each of your tarot decks. I have come up with 10 ways to do so!

How to Bond With Your Deck


1) First things first….Spend time with your deck! Keep it with you, whether it be in your pocket, purse, or on your office desk ! The amount of time you do so is up to you. Its important to listen to your intuition especially with tarot. A general rule that seems to work well with others is to keep it with you for an entire week. The more you have it with you, the more your energies will feed off each other.

2) Sleep with them! …..Let me rephrase that. Keep the cards around you when sleeping. You can either put it next to your night stand, keep the deck under your pillow, or every night pick one card and place it next to you when sleeping. This is the perfect time to incorporate a tarot journal into your life. Write down what card you’ve slept with and then beside it, write down what type of dream you had. You will be surprised at the outcome!

3) Introduce yourself to each card. Hold each one and flip through the deck, viewing them in detail and getting a sense of how you feel with each one. You can spend an hour doing this, or make it a 3 month event, picking one card a day!

4) Use them! Practice not only makes perfect, but it introduces you to the personality of the cards. Are they straight to the point? Do they give you more generalized message? You’ll find out as soon as you start reading with them!

5) Treat them with respect! Wrap them in silk, store a quartz crystal with them, dust them off when you notice the build up, store them in a box. If you treat your cards with respect, that bond will grow stronger!

6) Talk to you cards! Sounds weird, might feel weird, but works! Explain to the deck what intentions you have for it. If your going to use one deck strictly for love and relationship questions, tell it! If your only using a deck for yourself, let it know!

7) Give it thanks! After you’ve used the cards for a reading, please thank them! Again, this might sounds weird but it does help! When your prayer comes true do you thank your God, Goddess or Deity? Yes! Well the cards, or whoever is guiding your cards. ie. Spirit guide, angels, etc. would appreciate a thank you too!

8) Cleanse and consecrate each deck! You want to cleanse a deck as soon as you get it. Why? You dont know who has handled your deck and what kind of negative energy was absorbed into the cards. You want to get rid of that gunk before you start reading with them. Please stay tuned for a future blog on how to cleanse a deck.

9) Ask, Ask, Ask! How do you get to know someone you’ve just met? You ask them questions. Your deck is willing to divulge itself to you, you just need to ask it questions. Once you ask a question, pull a card and see what it has to reveal. You can also communicate with your deck using a pendulum over the cards.

Sample Questions: Are you of male or female energy, what card sums up your personality, what issues do you specialize in, do you have a favorite card, What message do you have for me, what would you like to know about me

10) Meditate with it. Sit with your cards, light some candles, burn an incense, place some crystals around the area, throw on some music and meditate while holding the deck. Visualize your energies combining together, feel the deck become a part of you like a third eye.

As you can see, there are so many different ways to connect with your cards. Dont be afraid to use your intuition to pick the best ways for you. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Stayed tuned for more to come and as always visit WWW.GatesofWisdomTarot.Com for readings, advisement sessions and to learn more about me!

Nicole Tasker

10 Ways to Bond & Connect with your Tarot Cards

3 thoughts on “10 Ways to Bond & Connect with your Tarot Cards

  1. Crystal Marra says:

    It’s interesting that you mentioned asking the deck if it had make or female energy. I just started about 2-3 weeks ago and I never asked it but I feel mine is made of male energy. I saw people referring to their decks as a female, but while I thought about what energy my deck had ‘male’ had popped up. Ever since I refer to my deck as a ‘he’ instead of ‘it’.


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